Why Cold Water?

Cold Water Therapy

There are many reasons we all love cold water dipping, but I think the main one that stands out is the reconnection you get with yourself. It’s like a reset button, pulling you into the moment. Reset, recharged and ready for the day. Some of the other common benefits are:

·  Helps your nervous system manage stress better.

·  Gives you a sense of overall wellbeing and boosts your mood.

·  Improves lymphatic and cardiovascular circulation.

·  Gives your metabolism a kick start.

·  Creates an awesome sense of achievement.

We have and do all struggle with our mental health in our own ways, from anxiety to depression, stress and just general daily wear and tear that builds up. Cold water therapy has helped us manage and cope with these making us feel more able to deal with whatever life will throw at us next. It’s not a cure all or magic wand but is a brilliant tool that’s helped us find a bit more balance and calm in our lives. Plus it’s really good fun too!

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